I update the following regularly and hope you find it useful. 


I am a North Yorkshire County Councillor for the division called Central Richmondshire which is really Colburn, Scotton and Hipswell (including St Martins)  

I am a Richmondshire District Councillor for the ward of Scotton and a Town Councillor for Colburn Town Council.







3 AUGUST 2017


During the last 12 months I have been able to submit several Locality Budget Bids which have resulted in  new cooker for Scotton Village Hall, new sanitary ware for the disabled toilets at Colburn Village Hall, new junior goals for Earls Orchard (St Martins), new junior goals for the Garrison Junior Football Teams (Hipswell), new kit for Colburn Town Football Club (adults), a bid which gives staging for the Veterans Art Group working out of St Cuthberts Community Rooms Colburn.  I was also able to fund nearly £3K for new internal doors at Colburn village hall.   Work to spend £5K will go to Scotton to help fund a path from Oak Tree Avenue to the first snicket.  This will ultimmately join up to meet the other side of the road to form a safe route down to Bedale Road off Hunton Road.  With my colleague Pat Middlemiss an application has been facilitated for the parish to apply to RDC for funding to pay for the next section.   


Great that the Colburn Lodge (RARE) has now opened and is such a wonderful asset to the area.


It will have become apparent that the works to the 6136 have caused great angst to both pedestrians and motorists, not to mention the massive effect on the businesses which struggle to keep their heads above water.  I have campaigned to get a cessation of parking charges which currently runs to 31 January.  Hard work is now afoot to try and get a zero charge at the car park serving the area in an attempt to bring much needed footfall to the shops.  It is noticeable that there are many more cars in the park now that there is no charge and it would be assumed that these people are using the shops.


I am increasingly frustrated with the length of time it is taking to complete what was to be a flagship project.  It has been fraught with delays, unseen utilities (which amazes me with the availability of plotting on sites these days).  I continue to challenge the progress at every opportunity and to engage with the presss as often as possible to keep the profile up there. 


Works to the A1 have been interesting to say the least but are very nearly to completion.  What a difference it will make for those who need to access the A1 and to the provision of new businesses who can commercially compete from Catterick Garrison.


I have successfully increased the Little White Bus service to Scotton which had been overlooked for many years by Arriva etc.  I will continue to pursue better provision. 


I sit on the Police and Crime Panel for North Yorkshire which is extremely interesting.  This is a 4 year appointment.  Very interesting to hold the commissioner and her office to account


The Garrison Area Partnership which I continue to chair is about to give away another £5K to worthwhile ventures.  


At County Hall I serve on the Care and Independence Scrutiny Committee (vice chair), Looked After Childrens Board (vice chair), Standards and lastly Audit.


On another note I sit on the Local Government Programme Boards called Community Health and Wellbeing. Children and Young People and People and Places all of  which meet at National Level in London.  


I also sit on the Richmondshire Area Committee which meets quarterly at different locations within the District Area and discusses items specifically related to Richmondshire. 


As a District Councillor I am a member of the Planning Committee and Corporate Board. 


I have regular informal meetings with the  Area Highways officers where local issues can be raised - the situation at Plummer Road where a number of lights from Light No 18 are off!    The cables belong to MOD and the lights to NYCC - nothing is ever easy.   


I continue to attend at Colburn Town Council where I have been elected as vice chairman. Scotton Parish Council as a District Councillor , Hipswell Parish Council and St Martins Parish Council on a monthly basis (unless I am prevented from doing so by other commitments).  I am known to the various schools and residential homes in the area to offer my assistance should it be required in the future.


I do not sit on the fence and fail to give an opinion on any item which comes my way. There are always contencious issues which need to be dealt with.  I do comment on facebook when I think it is appropriate.  A useful aid to knowing what people think and where the land lies.  Always remembering to weigh the number of voices there against the number of electorate and the democratic process which still takes place in darkened rooms late into the night!  


I continue to be involved with The Beacon a unit which houses 30+ ex-homless veterans; I am a director at Just the Job, trustee of Colburn village hall and a trustee at Richmondshire Volunteer Centre. I volunteer at The Georgian Theatre Royal.  I co-edit The Garrison News which is a newsletter aiming to give facts about how decisions are being taken by the various local authorites and who is proposing them when they affect vulnerable people.


I am eagerly awaiting the start of the Scotch Corner project and those other projects which will come up. 


As in the past I hope that as many people as possible will contact me about issues they have.  I enjoy advocating on peoples' behalf - please don't think your issue isn't important - get in touch and I will try and sort it out.


I leaflet the whole division regularly and hope to speak to as many people as possible.