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Paul Cullen November 30  2015. Interesting to hear that the Conservative Leader at RDC keeps repeating her desire to try to keep the council tax the same as the last year of the Independents at 0%. However we now see the ways in which they will balance the books by making substantial increases in the fees and charges levied by RDC for their services e.g. guideline increase of 4% BUT increases for green waste 17% and Pest Control - rats, mice, cluster flies, wasps and a call out 11%. Does it not seem a great big con to say we intend to levy a 0% council tax but your fees and charges are increasing by huge amounts to pay for it? (During the last four years RDC Council Tax went up an average of £1.70 per year - just over 3p per week). New text box >>


Paul Cullen 20 October 2015. Quite interesting to see last night at the Council meeting that the half truths and untruths written in all the leaflets of the Conservatives was not denied when the opportunity arose. Amazing how their agent is able to get away with writing such spurious facts and that the elected councillors don't feel totally ashamed at being elected with their sham of a leaflet.

Leader doesn't know how much the council tax went up in the previous administration despite all the Conservative Election leaflets - last May and the recent Richmond East by-election - stating RDC's Independent administration had some of the largest increases in the country which of course is absolute nonsense

Helen Grant -  October 2015. How she was able to recite 2002 etc beggars belief and why she thought it was relevant goodness only knows. Might just have to do the same calculations for then as now. Still no further forward on the COF.
Very interesting times at RDC. Looks like full council will be the nitty gritty scrutinising environment rather than the 2 committees. Unfortunate that the deputy leader should start the polarisation - Yes it is a Conservative Council Plan ....... Very sad that mutual working and valuing the input of other group leaders is out of the window too. Don't approve at all of personal comments - drags debate down to the lowest level. December meeting should be equally interesting.

Paul Cullen 19 September 2015

The party political machinery of the Conservatives, one assumed was one of moral integrity. Having seen the untruths,etc what others might term 'lies' printed in their leaflets it leaves one in despair that a once proud political party can sink to such depths. If the mantra is win at all costs, it is so depressing that the electorate still fall for it and councillors so elected can still hold their heads high.


Lorraine Hodgson's campaign in Richmond East by-election 17.09.15

You couldn't have done any more Lorraine and the ward is the worse for not electing you to serve them. The voting with the % of the total vote was Conservative 307 - 39.7%, Independent 289 - 37.4%, Lib Dem 136 - 17.6% and Labour 41 - 5.3%. It only makes one think what the result might have been if some of the parties with low support had not stood but they don't think that way!

William Heslop 18/09/15 re Lorraine Hodgson's Richmond by-election

You should be very proud of your campaign; you represented yourself truly as a hard working, compassionate person who wishes to make peoples' lives so much better; this yopu have and will continue to do in your role as a Richmond Town Councillor based upon sound family values. Party politics and rhetoric do not belong in local government because they are based on power and power alone. Life is about love and you have that in your life some never will. Keep up the good work and be happy. I am extremely proud to know you.